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Energize Your Workplace

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COVID-19 has changed the way people work. For employees and leaders, as we return to work post lockdown, the way that we energize our workplace will look different online and virtually.

This short virtual seminar, filmed with our expert instructor Tammy Robertson, will help you identify some approaches and specific questions that you can use to energize your workplace. This is vital as employees start to return to work, and your organization implements its relaunch strategy.

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Case Studies

A self-serve front line leader program

The client wanted to provide its new to experienced leaders with a self-service model to support their unique needs and current issues, ensuring the quality of the learning was consistent across course offerings.

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Establishing leadership competencies across various locations

The main goal for this client was to improve key supervisory competencies across all frontline managers and supervisors.

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Preparing front line leaders to manage change across the organization

The client's goal was to ensure new leaders all had the fundamental leadership skills necessary to effectively manage their teams.

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Building social and emotional capacity of front line leaders

The main goal for this organization was to provide fundamental leadership skills to high performing individual contributors identified as having leadership potential within the organization.

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Explore UCalgary Research

Moving services and events from in-person to online

Join Laura Whitton, Program & Community Development Specialist at the Hunter Hub, for a discussion about what makes virtual engagement different from in-person interactions and how we can humanize these digital experiences.

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What makes us tick at work?

Many of us devote a huge chunk of our lives to work. Justin Weinhardt devotes a huge chunk of his life to studying what makes us work at work — including motivation, decision-making, confidence and corporate training.

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How data empowers people and communities

UCalgary researchers study how open access to real-time data, innovative data storytelling and interdisciplinary collaborations are bringing data to life for an increasing number of people.

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The ingredients for entrepreneurial thinking

Conventional wisdom tells us that only a select few are born with the skills to think entrepreneurially. And that only those people come up with truly great ideas that change the world. But what if we could teach those abilities to all students?

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Creating safe spaces

Research at the University of Calgary provides answers to common personal security problems, from workplace bullying to Internet security to domestic violence.

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Digital technology and the future of work

UCalgary researchers look at the ways that technology is transforming the workplace, and reinforcing the fundamental things that make us human.

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Educating a workforce in a hyper-connected world

With the onset of the Internet of Things, intelligent systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, UCalgary faculty focus on preparing students to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

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Leadership lessons from the rock face

Two UCalgary researchers have found that characteristics essential to rock climbing can also contribute to success in business leadership.

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