Use the following instructions to configure your computer for Adobe Connect.

Are you using a workplace computer?

  • Most workplaces do not allow staff to install software on their computer. Adobe Connect configuration requires software installation. Ask your technical support to help with the Adobe Connect configuration procedure.
  • You may be behind a network firewall. A network firewall may prevent you from accessing Adobe Connect sessions. Check with your technical support to ensure that your workplace network will allow you to access Adobe Connect sessions. If your computer is behind a network firewall, please ask your technical support to open ports 443, 1935 and 8506. For more detail, technical support contacts can reference the Adobe Connect 9.2 Technical Specs .

Video Instructions:

Step by Step Instructions:


Run the Adobe Connect Diagnostics test using the web browser you will use for your Adobe Connect sessions. Complete the diagnostic test.

You must have Flash and the Adobe Connect Add-in installed to participate in Adobe Connect. Re-run the diagnostic if required until you receive 4 green checkmarks. If you have difficulty completing the diagnostic test, try again with a different web browser.

Be sure to run the diagnostic for each new web browser and computer you want to use to access Adobe Connect.


Disable your web browser's pop-up blocker function.

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Google Chrome

Do you use a Mac?

For best results using Adobe Connect on a Macintosh, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .

Technical Support

If you have read the instructions on this page and still require assistance, please contact the IT Support Centre .

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