Instructors can assign the role of Participant or Presenter to learners. Participant is the role typically assigned to learners who are attending an instructor hosted Adobe Connect meeting. A Presenter role is assigned to learners who are making a presentation during an online class. If an Adobe Connect meeting room has been created for group meetings (the instructor does not attend the meeting), then all learners must be assigned the Presenter role.


Participant Features

Participants can:

  • View content that is presented during the meeting with full audio/visual features
  • Use text chat features
  • Use the microphone


Presenter Features

Presenters can:

  • Share pre-loaded library content
  • Share files from a personal computer
  • Share a computer screen with attendees. This is recommended for sharing software applications such as PowerPoint presentations and Photoshop illustrations
  • Broadcast live audio and video
  • Mute audio broadcasts
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