Continuing Education's online courses are instructor-led, socially engaging and require high quality work. They are not designed to be a self-paced experience. You will be expected to participate actively throughout your course — contributing to class discussions, working collaboratively, providing peer review, and producing excellent work.

Many of our classroom courses also make use of online learning tools, particularly Desire2Learn. Instructors may use Desire2Learn to post course outlines, assignments, and other documents.

To successfully access online courses and material, you will need to make sure that your computer is properly configured, and that you have the knowledge to use the tools. The resources below are provided to guide you through your online learning experience...

For more information about online learning on campus go to the UCalgary e-Learning Website.

If the help you need isn't provided in the list above, please contact Continuing Education Student Services during office hours. Outside of regular hours, please connect with the UCIT Support Centre . Be sure to identify yourself as a Continuing Education student.

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