The faces you see here represent the thousands of life long learners who come to University of Calgary Continuing Education each year.

We invite you to meet our students by exploring their quotes and stories...

“The knowledge and skills I gained have given me more poise and confidence at work.”

Kumudha Manivannan, Graduate
Human Resource Management Certificate

Ashley Mullen

“With the integration of Zoom, virtual classrooms have really come alive and I am so excited for the direction the university is heading with e-learning.”

Ashley Mullen, Graduate
Health, Safety and Environment Certificate and Professional Management Certificate

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“I interact with people from Spanish speaking countries every day. Having credentials in the language helps me move my career forward.”

Cheryle Borowski, Graduate
Spanish Language and Culture Certificate

Jonah Ardiel

“From the basics like grammar and editing, to more complex subject matter like how to form a coherent and appealing narrative, I have directly benefitted from the Creative Writing Certificate program.”

Jonah Ardiel, Graduate
Creative Writing Certificate

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“The program made me a more mature writer with a clear path forward for editing and publishing my novel.”

Heather Bonin MacIntosh, Graduate
Creative Writing Certificate

Taorid Ashiru

“This certificate was perfect for me because I was able to satisfy my CPD requirements and able to get the required skills to further my career.”

Taorid Ashiru, Graduate
Professional Management Certificate

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“The flexibility that UCalgary Continuing Education provides is unbeatable, especially for people with a full-time job. I was able to take in-class, online and intensive courses based on my schedule.”

Sharanjit Kaur, Graduate
Health, Safety and Environment Certificate

Uzoma Uponi

“The instructors were focused on ensuring the class had an excellent professional writing experience.”

Uzoma Uponi, Graduate
Creative Writing Certificate

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“The support I received from my instructor and the constructive comments from classmates was really tremendous. I learned a lot from many discussions, presentations and assignments.”

Samdup, Graduate
Teaching Second Language Certificate

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Elaine Lawson

“I could actively interact with other participants, especially during group assignments, just like in a physical classroom.”

Elaine Lawson, Graduate
Career Development and Academic Advising

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Gloria Ken-Okoroafor

“Sharing what I learned has been very helpful. It has made the English teachers in my school look like champions!”

Gloria Ken-Okoroafor, Graduate
Teaching Second Language Certificate

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“A lot of the information I need now is familiar to me already, thanks to my continuing education Change Management courses.”

Shauna Smalldon, Graduate
Certificate in Change Management

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Lobna Abdelaziz

“The field of technology changes very quickly and dramatically, so I wanted to keep my skills up to date.”

Lobna Abdelaziz, Graduate
.NET Application Development Certificate

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“The thing I came to realize was one of the side benefits... you make contacts in the industry and networking is so important.”

Michael McCallum, Graduate
Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Daniel Wolfe

“Going to Continuing Education has helped me with confidence in general, as well as gaining knowledge in my new field.”

Daniel Wolfe, Graduate
Marketing Certificate

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Stacey Page

“In my first class, I learned about the program and was excited by the prospect of gaining certification in an area I could pursue strictly for pleasure.”

Stacey Page, Graduate
Certificate in Visual Design specializing in Art Theory and Practice

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